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In Houston, TX the combined sales tax rate is 8.25% which includes the state, county and city sales tax rates. The Texas state sales tax rate is currently 6.25%.There’s also an average tax rate of 19.09% and marginal tax rate of 32.65%, according to calculations based on the 2016 income tax from the Texas Tables of the United States. Such taxes can be too difficult for you to handle alone. Stress and anxiety will take over because you think you can’t get away from it. Don’t think that you can’t take it anymore with those overwhelming figures. There’s always Bobino Tax Consulting Services to help you out to come up with solutions to your tax problems. Let Bobino Tax Consulting Services located in Houston, TX be your helping hand indealing with your tax dilemmas. Bobino Tax Consulting Services helps people living in Houston on tax planning and preparation. At Bobino Tax Consulting Services, Mr. Bobino can help you with Levy Releases, State Tax Collection Issues, Stop Tax Levies, Offer and Compromise, Tax Liens and offer you Tax Solutions in any tax issues that you may have.

Mr. Bobino has an ample record of success. Having spent 35 years as a revenue officer with the Internal Revenue Service, Mr. Bobino is very experienced and is a well-established Houston Tax Advisor. He has also taught entry level revenue officers for 25 years. He is a professional in auditing and tax servicesand an expert tax consultant in Houston, TX. He is an enrolled agent, and is required to secure 24 hours of CPE (Continuing Professional Education) training every year.Though he is a retired revenue officer, his years of combined knowledge, experience and service, he is credible and has an immaculate reputation in his field of work. For more information, contact Mr. Bobino today.

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Tax Consulting Services

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Whether you need tax consulting to avoid potential problems or need help with tax collection and solutions, we can help. Let Bobino Tax Consulting Services in Houston, TX be your tax consulting expert.

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