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Professional Tax Advisor in Houston, TX

Established in 2007.

Houston B.
Business Owner

After 35 years of service in the Internal Revenue Service, I retired from being a revenue officer with distinction and received an Albert Gallatin Award in November 2007, the highest honorary career service award given by the Department of Treasury. The award represents my commitment and loyalty to my duties. It was a distinct award given to only a handful of US Treasury employees, for exemplary public service contributions. I am also a certified enrolled agent since January 2008 which gives me the legalities to serve as a representative to taxpayers.

In my years of service, I spent 20 years as an instructor for entry level revenue officers and I worked as an officer and compromise specialist all under the Internal Revenue Services. Presently, I offer my services to those who are in need of a property tax consultant, tax advisor, and tax accountant in Houston, TX. I started Bobino Tax Consulting Services in 2007, now known as IRS Levy Relief Texas, to provide others the same passion I displayed in my public career. I am currently working with private clients and I have taken pride in myself, if I may say, in giving them the assistance and guidance they deserve in their time of need.

Being in the business for a very long time, I have always shown professionalism in the work that I do. Aside from my expertise, I also have skills on investments, strategic financial planning, retirement planning, and knowledge on mutual funds that I share with my clients so that they in turn, can benefit from the information on these topics. With my exceptional talents, I can be relied on and trusted in doing tasks that my clients ask of me.

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