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The Importance of Professional Levy Alleviation

February 20th, 2018

Bobino Tax Consulting Services has much more than enough experience, skills and knowledge to help you effectively stop an IRS levy in Houston, TX. Debt is a relentless crisis and a harsh, unforgiving source of stress, headaches and sleepless nights for many American citizens. Things like student debt and bank loans, when handled unwisely, can transform into one’s financial pitfalls over the years when it is left alone to grow. Debt is usually left unpaid due to lack of meaningful career employment, or unforeseen accidents and disasters wrought upon an individual and his/her family or property. There is also the …

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Our Three Featured Services from Bobino Tax Consulting Services

January 17th, 2018

We at Bobino Tax Consulting Services are proud to offer expert and reliable consulting and assistance services to taxpayers who find themselves in awry situations. We understand that the tax code can sometimes be complicated and difficult to understand for most, if not some people. Bobino Tax Consulting Services is here to help you better understand, and solve, any tax-related issue you might have. Mr. Bobino has spent 35 years as a revenue officer under the Internal Revenue Service, and is a well-established tax advisor and consultant. A notable recipient of the Albert Gallatin award, Houston A. Bobino is sure …

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When Does the IRS Levy Your Assets?

December 15th, 2017

An IRS Levy in Houston, TX is usually the last resort of a collection method that the IRS uses. While some of your assets might be protected, the IRS still has the ability to get most of them including your retirement accounts. They even have the power to seize control of your bank account. The IRS has many mechanisms for the taxpayer to get into compliance with the IRS regulations. If the taxpayer fails to understand the warnings and doesn’t take action to settle them, then the IRS will continue to use harsher ways until it finally escalates to a …

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Common Questions Regarding Tax Levy

November 14th, 2017

Are you currently dealing with an IRS tax levy in Houston, TX? If you are, then you be worried about what the levy will do to your assets, finances, and your credit. A tax levy only happens when you have failed to pay your tax debt and have some sort of agreement with the IRS. This is one of the most powerful collection mechanisms that is used by the IRS and they have the right to subject you to it. While this can be frightening, there are various ways that taxpayers can try to seek some relief from this. The …

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Benefits of Hiring Tax Consultant for IRS Levy in Houston, TX

October 10th, 2017

Tax debts have been a growing problem among Americans for the past years and is still alarmingly increasing at present. Internal Revenue Service (IRS), on the other hand, is in parallel, relentlessly collecting from delinquent taxpayers. In this regard, professional tax consulting services can be an incredible source of assistance when it comes to tax debt issues like IRS levy in Houston, TX. Here are some of the many benefits of working with tax consultancy firms: 1. You won’t have to face IRS alone. One major benefit of working with tax consulting services is the thought that you are not …

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