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Dealing with IRS problems are never easy to handle alone. Taking care of the problem with just one mind is never enough to get out of the predicament. Have an expert to provide guidance and ask for professional advice to get things done right. It is not an acceptable excuse to say that the awareness about taxes and IRS are low. The law doesn’t exempt anyone who neglects and ignores these important points. If there happens to be a financial struggle, there is no cause for alarm. I have been in the business for the longest time and have served those living Houston, TX services on levy relief and tax solutions.

Auditing is a systematic and objective examination of the financial records or either an organization or an individual. It is a process of cross-referencing information to make sure that there is fairness and accuracy in transactions. This is conducted by an internal auditor regularly or an independent auditor annually. Without any audits, creating reliable financial reports becomes difficult especially when it becomes a necessary for future purposes. As someone with a credible background, I include it in my services to help out clients with auditing needs.

Tax levies are not a joke especially when the government has legal rights to take personal possessions away. But the government won’t immediately seize property away from the owner. So before the IRS issues a notice, be informed with the ways on how to avoid levies. There are many available solutions even down to a low-income earner. It is always allowed to negotiate to have a win-win situation between the taxpayer and the IRS. There is no need to worry because I can be trusted to help out in taking care of any kind of tax issues.

The Albert Gallatin Award is one of the awards from the United States Department of Treasury that recognizes the accomplishments in a particular program area inside the treasury. It is deliberated upon retirement to employees who have been in service of 20 or more years and have allegiance to their work. There is a nomination procedure first where the Bureaus verifies if there are any retirees eligible and they process award requests. Awardees are given a certificate having their name proudly placed in the document as evidence of their service together with the sketched portrait of Albert Gallatin, the 4th Secretary of the Treasury. The award is not just a mere certificate, rather it symbolizes hard work and loyalty in the service. Just like in Gallatin’s time, he was very conscientious and worked hard in paying off the national debt and always found ways to fund investments. He continually showed his love for his career in public service. In November 2007, I received the award and having one under his name is proof of the passion that I have in my duties.

The seal of the Internal Revenue Service represents the tradition, history, and mission. Working in the Internal Revenue Service instills in its employees the values of honesty and integrity, respect, continuous improvement, inclusion, openness and collaboration, and personal accountability. These set of core values influences the behavior of employees and customers. The IRS seal is a constant reminder for me to always uphold public trust in all dealings, treat anyone with respect and dignity, perform to the utmost of my abilities, welcome any kind of background, and take responsibility for my actions and decisions. These are the values that have guided me in my career and I have continued to practice it to today.

A Certificate of Enrollment is a document that displays the privilege of enrolled agents to represent taxpayers to the Internal Revenue Service. Certified enrolled agents can act similarly to lawyers and public accounts where there is no restriction on which taxpayer to represent, what kind of tax issues to handle, and which IRS office they would prefer to represent their clients. Other than all that, enrolled agents can also do tax consultancy and preparation of federal and state tax returns. To become an enrolled agent, one should either pass a three-part comprehensive IRS exam or by being an experienced employee of the IRS. Through my years of service in the department of treasury, I was given a certification on January 10, 2008.

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