Our Three Featured Services from Bobino Tax Consulting Services

We at Bobino Tax Consulting Services are proud to offer expert and reliable consulting and assistance services to taxpayers who find themselves in awry situations. We understand that the tax code can sometimes be complicated and difficult to understand for most, if not some people. Bobino Tax Consulting Services is here to help you better understand, and solve, any tax-related issue you might have. Mr. Bobino has spent 35 years as a revenue officer under the Internal Revenue Service, and is a well-established tax advisor and consultant. A notable recipient of the Albert Gallatin award, Houston A. Bobino is sure to have the solutions to your tax problems from summons to a tax levy in Houston TX.

Professional tax consulting services helps ease the stress and burden on the shoulders of taxpayers who are having a just downright hard time trying to understand the mess they’re in, more so try to solve it themselves. With the help of a professional tax consultant-slash-adviser, tax issues with the IRS are given much more clarity and become easier to deal with. Suddenly, that IRS levy in Houston TX isn’t so scary. Or maybe the approaching audit becomes less of a hassle to deal with. Simply, you aren’t left in the dark when you have the help of a professional.

There are three featured services Bobino Tax Consulting specializes in: tax levy consultation, IRS examination assistance and offers in compromise.

  • Tax Levies. Levies are legally authorized seizures of your assets and properties in order to satisfy tax debts. If, for example, you are unable to pay your taxes for a year and fail to comply within the set time frame given to you, the IRS can seize your assets to guarantee compliance. A tax lien on the other hand is more of a “freezing” than a “seizing,” where your property is held by the IRS to serve as motivation for you to pay taxes. Bobino Tax Consulting can help get you out of this with effective resolution methods.
  • IRS Examinations. The tax audit—something feared by a great number of Americans. A tax audit works as a sort of investigation by the IRS to your reported properties and assets. They conduct tax audits in order to verify correctness of income, deductions, exemptions and credits. There’s no need to be afraid of tax audits if you’re prepared when the time comes. With our help, it’s guaranteed that all required documents are made available in order to avoid any and all red flags and discrepancies on your account.
  • Offers in compromise. After you’ve explored all other possible options in solving your tax issues and still haven’t been able to find an effective solution, an offer in compromise (OIC) might be for you. An OIC is an agreement between the taxpayer and the IRS settling the former’s tax debt and other liabilities for less than the actual, full debt.

Bobino Tax Consulting Services’ expertise isn’t only limited to these three featured services. We also specialize in other effective tax-related solutions. With over 35 years’ worth of experience in the field, you’re sure to find answers to your tax problems, tax audits, or tax levies in Houston TX, when you work with us.

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