Premier Tax Services in Houston, Texas

Looking for any reliable person who offers tax services in Houston is very difficult and quite time-consuming to scout one by one. I stumbled upon Bobino Tax Consulting Services and am grateful for that as he turned out to be someone you could count on. I was scared of losing what I had because I had a difficulty with my taxes but when Mr. Bobino explained that there were options to settle the debts; that was such a welcome relief!!!!  I was so happy that I didn’t have to give anything up. I thought that if I couldn’t pay, the government would take whatever I owned. Mr. Bobino clearly explained the different alternatives I could consider to avoid getting to the point of a tax levy. He is trustworthy and such a professional, and proved that he truly is a man with passion for his work. Thank you Bobino!!

I wasn’t in a good position with my taxes because I didn’t know how to handle it. I had some financial struggles and I barely kept up with paying my debts. Then I decided to look for a very good Houston tax accountant to help me out. I found Bobino Tax Consulting Services to assist me in understanding the concept of how taxes are in Texas. Mr. Bobino clarified what I needed to know about Houston property tax because that is one of the issues that I’m currently facing. He was very accommodating and very knowledgeable about many things regarding taxes and the IRS in Houston, Texas. His dedication shows when he starts working and is very easy to talk to. Thanks for all the help!!

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