IRS and Tax Levy Services in Houston

At Bobino Tax Consulting Services, Mr. Bobino can help you with:

  • Levy Releases – Contacting the IRS to solve tax problems is the best measure to get out from a levy. But you can be released from a levy if the IRS finds some reasonable cause that makes it difficult for you to pay your taxes. Learn about how to get a levy release especially in times of economic troubles.
  • Penalty Abatement – IRS Penalty Abatement, otherwise known as penalty reduction, is the lessening of the taxation of any person. It includes a decrease in tax or penalties, or a rebate. It is necessary when the IRS places additional penalties to your tax bill. Know if you can qualify for a reduction from penalties if you are in compliance with what the law requires.
  • Offer in Compromise – When you have unpaid taxes due to problems with your finances, you may be qualified for an Offer in Compromise. This is an agreement between the IRS and the taxpayer to settle tax liabilities for a lesser amount than how much is really owed. There are three grounds of OIC where the IRS may be willing to accept. Read more
  • Tax Levies – Getting properties under your ownership legally seized in order to pay a tax debt is one of the worst thoughts that can cross your mind. It can be in the form of trimming down wages, taking money from your bank or other financial accounts, selling your vehicle, real estate property and/or personal property. Get to know more about levies and what to do about it. Read more
  • Tax Liens – The last recourse that can force you to pay your taxes is when a legal claim against you arises for not being in compliance with the law. Tax liens protect the interests of the government in your personal property, real estate property, and other financial assets that you may have. When you either neglect of refuse your duty to pay your debts, the IRS will file a public document to notify creditors that the government has legal rights over your property.
  • IRS Examinations – Commonly known as Tax Audits, this is a review of anyone’s accounts and financial information to be sure that all reported information and tax amounts are correctly placed according to tax laws. If you have been selected in an audit, it doesn’t always mean that there’s an issue. Be properly informed with what IRS Examinations imply. Read more
  • State Tax Collection Issues – Limited knowledge on how taxes work is one of the reasons why there’s a problem in collecting taxes. Failure to meet deadlines on filing or not even knowing where to file makes it very hard for collection procedures to go smoothly. Have a better understanding on tax collection issues and how to avoid them.

If you are really in need for any IRS levy or Tax levy help in Houston, Please feel free to contact Mr. Bobino by filling up the form on this site.

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