The Importance of Professional Levy Alleviation

Bobino Tax Consulting Services has much more than enough experience, skills and knowledge to help you effectively stop an IRS levy in Houston, TX. Debt is a relentless crisis and a harsh, unforgiving source of stress, headaches and sleepless nights for many American citizens. Things like student debt and bank loans, when handled unwisely, can transform into one’s financial pitfalls over the years when it is left alone to grow. Debt is usually left unpaid due to lack of meaningful career employment, or unforeseen accidents and disasters wrought upon an individual and his/her family or property.

There is also the case of debt to the Federal government in the form of unpaid and long overdue taxes. When this happens, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) steps in, and things escalate to a whole new level.

The IRS and you

The Internal Revenue Service is acknowledged as one of the most efficient tax administrators in the world. In 2013, the IRS was able to collect a hefty 2.86 trillion dollars in gross revenue. As a bureau of the Department of Treasury, the IRS has all the necessary legalities and statutes that officially grant its authority and capability in driving persistent tax collection enforcement campaigns. In its years of existence, from way back during the civil war until today, the IRS remains committed to its mission of “[providing] America’s taxpayers top-quality service by helping them understand and meet their tax responsibilities, and enforce the law with integrity and fairness to all.” And commit to its mission it has—the IRS has formulated methods such as tax levies and liens to ensure that all taxpayers duly pay.

If you’ve ever had the opportunity to read yourself up some thriller novels focusing more on the field of law, from notable authors such as John Grisham or Scott Turow, you probably know just how formidable tax levies can appear—as well as the codes and laws that come along in dealing with it. You don’t have to stay vulnerable and helpless, with the help of Bobino Tax Consulting Services, you can stop an IRS levy in Houston, TX.

75,000 pages!

To understand how far you can get in tax issue alleviation with the help of tax consultants and professionals in the field, as compared to how far you can get solely on your own, you have to appreciate the complexity of the nation’s tax code. It wouldn’t be feasible to talk about it in detail here, but a few things you’d do well to know are: (1) public controversy has surrounded the complexity of the tax code, as well as the lack of understanding by taxpayers who are just looking to simply pay their taxes and get it done with, and (2) Federal tax rules are as thick as about 75,000 pages as of 2016, and growing. There are even the most minute details for credits, deductions, exemptions, energy, education, healthcare, savings, occupation, and other activities and services everyone partakes in. Folk who seldom find time to exercise are expected to know (even if only with basic rudimentary knowledge) these tax codes.

The word of the day is experience

Professional tax consultants and practitioners, especially Bobino Tax Consulting Services, have built years and years of experience in the practice and the field so that you can be helped out of your predicaments no matter how much squeezing it might take. We understand what you don’t, and we serve as your friendly guides to help you maneuver through the many fissures, spines and thorns of whatever tax-related issue you’ve found yourself in.

Experience, thus, is the name of the game here. A tax consultant who has received multiple recognitions, has many years of practice etched into his or her belt, and plenty of experience in dealing with various kinds of problems, should be your first choice whenever you’re looking at a levy or lien from the IRS.

If experience is the game, Bobino Tax Consulting Services has the ball. With 35 years of experience as a revenue officer in the IRS, and with the Albert Gallatin Award (only the highest distinction in IRS career service) to his name, Houston A. Bobino definitely has what it takes to ameliorate your tax conundrums. Stop any IRS Levy in Houston, TX with the best. Do it with Bobino!

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